I’m Logan,
a software developer based in Atlanta.

About Me

I am passionate about using technology to create innovative solutions and make a positive impact, no matter how large or small. I have honed my technical skills through years of experience and a commitment to continuous learning. Whether I am working on a complex project or just tinkering with code for fun, I am always looking for ways to improve and push the boundaries of what's possible.

In addition to my professional expertise, I also consider myself a hobbyist musician. I have a love for music that started at a young age and has only grown stronger over the years. Whenever I am stuck on an issue, I typically take a break by finding new ways to express myself through sound.

When I'm not coding or playing music, you can find me exercising and enjoying the great outdoors. I believe in the importance of staying active and taking care of both my physical and mental health. Whether I am lifting weights or hiking, I find that exercise helps me clear my mind and find new inspiration.

Core Skills

  • Laravel
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Dusk (E2E testing)
  • Git
  • Bootstrap
  • REST API Integration

Other Skills

  • Linux (Debian)
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • MongoDB
  • React

Professional Experience



Full Stack developer

Created a multifaceted portal for NETdepot, their customers, and channel partners to manage payments, devices, accounts, etc.

  • Contributed to numerous integrations of REST APIs such as Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, Cohesity, Rados (S3), QuickBooks Online, Netbox.
  • Implemented end to end testing with Dusk for vital customer-side features such as authentication, viewing/downloading/paying an invoice, submitting a Service Request. These tests were also integrated into our Gitlab CI/CD pipeline.
  • Gitlab integrations for creating a new issue from feedback/bug report, writing changes to changelog via comments, managing issue tag(s) and assignees.
  • Stripe integrations for importing and syncing a Stripe customer to a portal user.
2018 - 2021

Performive (formerly Total Server Solutions)

Provisioning Engineer
  • Automated bare-metal server provisioning and inventory process, using IPMITool and Bash, reducing the time from "order received" to delivery down to essentially the duration of the operating system installation.
  • Developed Bash scripts to help the Support team increase efficiency in resolving client issues.
  • Created documentation for departmental requirements as part of the SDLC for an in-house inventory and management system.
  • Managed projects deploying servers and network infrastructure with emphasis on delivering services on-time and under budget.


May 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Clayton State University

Latest works


A complete billing and quoting tool that provides a self-service approach to onboarding and account creation.

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